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Student Leadership

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Students from all local campuses are welcome to serve as a Hillel ambassador, and there are several internships and leaderships available on a semesterly and yearly basis.

At Hillel we are proud of our student leaders. Not only are they responsible for creating a wealth of student programming during the school year, they also frequently lead Friday night services at Hillel, do incredible outreach work, and go on to become community leaders off campus.

If you’re a student interested in learning what leadership opportunities are available at Hillel, please send an email to Max at The Hillel Student Leadership Team, both staff and students, are here to help you get connected!

2017-2018 Student Board

President -  Leeore Levinstein

Vice President - Eli Singer

Treasurer - Mosey Krelitz

Minnesota Student Association Rep. - Emma Dunn

Engagement Chair - Sam Kaminsky

Social Action Chair - Hannah Slovut

Shabbat Chair -  Talor Blustin

Holidays Chair - Tracey Warsett

Jewish Learning Chair - Rebecca Lubar

Israel Culture Chair - Sami Rahamim

Israel Advocacy Chair - Noah Mikell

2017-2018 Student Interns

Adam Mikell

Aidan Chestnut

Becca Mayo

Carter Blankenship

Daniel Vlodaver

Hannah Brand

Jacob Ungerman

Jayme Oberman

Jillian Nowry

Mark Mizrachi

Matt Greenstein

Matthew Goldberger

Mikaela Bush

Millie Wiesner

Noah Farber

Noah Gerber

Paige Friedman

Rachel Krug

Tal Shub

Zach Condon

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