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Students from all local campuses are welcome to serve as a Hillel ambassador, and there are several internships and leaderships available on a semesterly and yearly basis.

At Hillel we are proud of our student leaders. Not only are they responsible for creating a wealth of student programming during the school year, they also frequently lead Friday night services at Hillel, do incredible outreach work, and go on to become community leaders off campus.

If you’re a student interested in learning what leadership opportunities are available at Hillel, please send an email to Max at The Hillel Student Leadership Team, both staff and students, are here to help you get connected!

2016-2017 Student Board

Dylan Singer - President

Sophie Stillman - Vice President

Leeore Levinstein - Minnesota Student Association Representative

Tillery Bailey - Vice-President Finance

Leah Novik - Social Action Chair

Aaron Mays - Shabbat Chair

Tracey Warsett - Jewish Learning Chair

Samuel Kaminsky - Engagement Chair

Samuel Rahamim - Israel Committee Chair

Matthew Goldberger - Holidays Chair


Engagement Interns / Leadership Team

Anna Schwartzstein

Daniel Kladnitsky

David Begelman

Eli Singer

Ellen Livscheets

Gabe Rouache

Hallie Mogelson

Hannah Slovut

Jayme Oberman

Jillian Nowry

Michael Filkins

Michael Kowitz

Rebecca Lubar

Shirah Jacobs

Wyatt Mekler

Zach Condon

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