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Who has history taught us to be?

The post Generational Trauma: This is Not a Drill appeared first on TC Jewfolk.

It's more than just basketball that has David Hicks III wanting to make Aliyah.

The post David Hicks’ Journey To Judaism appeared first on TC Jewfolk.

Meet our new intern!

The post Who The Folk?! Derek Wiebke appeared first on TC Jewfolk.

Shalom Chaverim, This Shabbat is a special day on the Jewish calendar. It is 3 Tammuz. According to tradition, this was the day when time stood still. In the Book of Joshua, we read a story about the Israelite’s battle against the Amorites. Joshua called for the sun to stand still and it did. These […]

The post When Time Stands Still – A Weekly Letter from Rabbi Davis – June 15, 2018 appeared first on TC Jewfolk.

When choosing bread for Shabbat dinner, chances are you’ve done one of three things: make challah, buy challah, or pull out a few hot dog buns, maybe a slice of Wonder Bread and say voila! My family’s traditions have run the gamut – let’s just say that hot dog bun disguised as Challah isn’t just […]

The post Boppa’s (Not So) Secret Challah Recipe appeared first on TC Jewfolk.

The Beginning Last week, a group of young people convened to explore assembling a Giving Circle. What’s a Giving Circle, you ask? A Giving Circle is a group of people who get together to give (time, money, etc.), but first discuss what it means to give, what motivates them, and then to choose to whom […]

The post Giving Circles: An Opportunity for Young Adults to Give appeared first on TC Jewfolk.

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