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Gopher Israel works to engage the campus community about the politics, culture, and history of the State of Israel by welcoming a diverse range of opinions and perspectives. We present an honest image of Israel by framing current events into a historical context and helping the campus community grasp the complexity of today's conflict. We are sure to emphasize the Israeli desire for a secure and lasting peace in the Middle East that includes dignity and prosperity for the Palestinian people. There are many opportunities for you to get involved, both in Israel and on campus. We strive to foster productive conversation about Israel on campus in many different ways. We host various cultural, political, and social events including interactive presentations, renowned speakers, engaging learning opportunities, and (best of all) trips to Israel. If you are interested in creating exciting programs around Israeli culture, food, politics, music, history or anything else, this committee is where you want to be. Contact our campus Israel Fellow Idan Cohen for more information on how you can get involved 

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