High Holidays 2015

Rosh Hashanah at Hillel
Sep 13: Erev RH from 7:30pm-9:00pm
Sep 14: Day 1 of RH – programs throughout the dayclosing with a "Burn your Sins but not your S’mores" Bonfire
Sep 15: Day 2 of RH – service at 11 followed by additional holiday programming

Yom Kippur at Hillel
Sep 22: Kol Nidre evening service at 6pm
Sep 23:  YK programming at 7pm until Breakfast

Sukkot (location varies for each event)
Sep 28 (1/7): Sukkot with AEPI at AEPI
Sep 29 (2/7): Sukkot with SAMMY at SAMMY
Sep 30 (3/7): Philanthropy Sukkot at HILLEL
Oct 1 (4/7): Sukkot Birthright Israel Style at HILLEL
Oct 2 (5/7): Pizza in the Hut (Sukkot Shabbat) at HILLEL
Oct 3 (6/7): Saki in the Sukkah 21+ at HILEL
Oct 4 (7/7): Final Sukkot Brunch at HILLEL

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MN Hillel is a beneficiary agency of the
Minneapolis Jewish Federation and the Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul

  • Jew Wanna Go? | October 9 – October 15, 2015

    Win 2 tickets to the St. Paul Fed gala! New parents, bring your LO to the community baby shower for the cutest time ever. Those newish to being Jewish might want to consider an intro to Judaism class. Get out there, TC!

  • My (Recent) Jewish Journey: Becoming Part of the Tribe

    Growing up in a fairly liberal, Catholic family, joining the Jewish community wasn’t in my life plan. But as my family became close-minded, l began to wonder what I valued and trusted.

  • Who the Folk?! Daniella Martin

    Daniella Martin—author, mom and insect eater—tells us why locusts are the most authentic Jewish food, how to make cricket matzo and which Minnesota bugs have her captivated.

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